Denture Relines

Denture-reline Conventional dentures will fit very securely when new, as they have been designed specifically for your mouth. However, over time, the bite force and pressure from the conventional denture resting on the gum tissue causes recession of the bone and soft tissue. This means that eventually even the best fitting conventional denture will gradually become loose and prone to movement inside your mouth.

If left unaddressed, this instability can cause significant problems for the patient, including:

  • Dentures dislodging, which cause difficulty speaking and eating;
  • Sore spots on gum tissue;
  • Chipped and broken denture teeth; and
  • Cracks or even complete fractures of the denture.

Having our denturist regularly check the fit and function of a denture allows us to find and address issues while they are minor, such as by performing a reline of the fit surface. Relining conventional dentures is a necessary part of regular maintenance to keep your denture secure and functioning optimally long term.

Coastal Denture Clinic performs all of our relines in our onsite lab. Unlike office or ‘chairside’ relines, our Laboratory Reline process allows us to to use pressurized, high heat technologies which result in a more accurate, better fitting, and more durable denture. These laboratory methods also result in better resistance to staining, odor, cracking and fracturing.

If your denture hasn’t been professionally relined in the last two years, schedule an exam with us!

Hard Denture Reline

All full dentures should have a hard reline every two years. During this process, Coastal Denture Clinic removes a layer of acrylic from the interior surface of the denture. We then apply a thin layer of precision impression material which conforms to the new contours of your gum tissue.

Using this highly accurate impression, our denturist creates a new fit surface, which is bonded to the denture using  high heat, high pressure processing techniques. The entire hard reline process can be performed in a single day.

The result is the renewed optimal fit and optimal stability of your denture.

Soft Denture LINER

A Soft Liner is a thin layer of soft base material that is permanently bonded to the surface of the denture that fits to your gums. This layer acts as a shock absorber between the hard base of your denture and your gums. Soft liners can be placed when creating new dentures or can be added to retrofit an existing denture.

Permanent soft liners provide comfort and relief for individuals with receded and flattened gum tissue that does not respond well to the stress of dentures. They may also be a suitable solution for patients with sensitive or chronically sore gum tissues. This material is much less likely to give the patient sore spots than the standard hard acrylic denture base.

Coastal Denture Clinic may recommend soft denture relines for patients experiencing these problems who wish to continue using conventional dentures. The soft denture liner process typically cannot be completed on a same-day basis, but we will help you to plan and  preschedule the denture drop off to allow for the fastest possible turn around time.

Temporary Relines

Recent tooth extractions or wearing old, ill-fitting, dentures may cause a patient’s gums to be sensitive, swollen, or misshapen. This creates problems when taking impressions, as the temporary condition of the gum prevents long term accuracy for casting the new denture or reline. Any inaccuracy in the impression leads to a denture that would perpetuate these problems by fitting poorly.

For these types of situations, a temporary reline may be recommended while we wait for the inflammation to subside. This temporary reline material is soft and pliable, allowing the denture to fit much more comfortably while the gums heal to their normal state. Once the gum tissue has healed, the patient is then ready to have accurate impressions taken for a new denture or hard reline.

Temporary relines can be completed during a single appointment.

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