Immediate Dentures

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An immediate denture (also called Same-Day Dentures) may be the best solution when complete extractions of your remaining teeth is unavoidable. An immediate denture allows you to be prepared in advance of your extraction so that you can avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of living without teeth while your mouth heals.

We know that this can be a stressful and scary transition, and we will do everything possible to make this as smooth and painless as we can for our patients.

We will meet and begin preparation for this procedure before your teeth are extracted. By coordinating a timeline with your oral surgeon and handcrafting each denture using our in-house lab, we will have your immediate dentures ready to be inserted at the time of your extractions.

Using our unique combination of experience, skilled artistry and advanced techniques, we can ensure a natural looking smile you can be proud of the day you have your teeth removed.

After Extraction

Great care should be taken to follow all postoperative instructions. After tooth extractions your gum tissue and the underlying bone will continue to change over a period of weeks or months, depending on the number of teeth extracted. During this time regular check-ups will be important for monitoring healing and providing denture maintenance.

During the healing period, temporary linings or tissue conditioners are typically needed to maintain an optimal fitting denture as these changes take place. After your oral tissue and bone have completed healing any temporary linings will be replaced with a permanent reline to ensure a durable, stable and comfortable fitting long lasting denture.

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