Partial Dentures

A picture of a lower metal framework partial denture.A removable partial denture is designed specifically to replace one or more missing teeth. This acts to limit the movement of your existing natural teeth, thereby preserving your oral health and dental alignment.

Partial dentures also work to restore your natural facial appearance, speech clarity,  and ability to eat more efficiently.  We can create a custom design partial denture that that will match your natural teeth and blend seamlessly into your smile.

During your initial consultation, our licensed denturist will work with you to determine the best partial denture design option for your individual situation.  Some categories of partial denture designs you might discuss are: Implant Supported Bridges, Metal Framework Partial Dentures, and temporary Acrylic Partial Dentures.

Implant Supported Bridge

An Implant Supported Bridge design uses strategically placed dental implants to support a small titanium framework, or ‘bridge’. The denture teeth and acrylic are then bonded directly to this titanium framework which is screwed onto the implants.

Implant Supported Bridge design is the optimal choice for many patients, because it feels and performs the most like natural teeth. There is no movement or instability, and no discomfort to the gums.

Additionally, using an Implant Supported Bridge is the least impactful design for maintaining the health of your other natural teeth as well as your jaw bones and soft tissues. The bridge disperses bite pressure across the supporting implants,  preserving the health of the oral tissue and reducing long term bone recession.

Implant Supported Bridge partial dentures stand independently, without relying on adjacent natural teeth for support. This eliminates the need to alter, trim, or grind your natural adjacent teeth (such as a standard porcelain crown bridge requires), and it does not require clasping multiple adjacent teeth (like conventional partial dentures require).

Metal framework Partial dentures

Metal framework partial dentures are the best alternative for patients when implants aren’t an option. This style uses a custom cast metal framework to strengthen and support the denture teeth and acrylic. The framework uses the adjacent natural teeth to provide support and stability as well as helping to distribute some of the chewing forces through a series of clasps, attachments and rests.


Acrylic partials are typically used as a transitional, temporary partial denture while patients have longer restorations completed. These partial dentures rely on an acrylic structure which is precisely molded to fit snugly into the mouth to allow patients to smile, speak, and laugh naturally. Like all of the dentures we create, these are custom designed and the appearance will seamlessly restore the look of your smile.

However, acrylic partial dentures do not have any internal metal strengthening structure, rest directly on surrounding oral tissues and rely on clasping adjacent teeth for stability.  While the wire clasps can withstand the normal mouth movements of speech, they cannot distribute pressure from biting, chewing, or grinding when eating.

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