Conventional Dentures

A conventional denture (also called a complete denture) is a type of removable dental appliance that is inserted in the mouth to replace natural teeth and provide support for the cheeks and lips. This type of denture design rests directly on the gum tissues relying on these tissues for a secure fit.

At Coastal Denture Clinic, our denturist expertly hand crafts each conventional denture using our in-house lab, prioritizing both exceptional dental function (chewing abilities) and natural esthetics. We can recreate the look of your natural smile using your favorite old photographs and a wide selection of tooth shapes and shades. Or, if you prefer, our denturist will collaborate with you to give you a new look by creating a custom design to compliment your facial features.


Conventional dentures are made out of acrylic material that has been precisely customized to your individual mouth.  The denture acrylic is colored and designed to blend seamlessly with your natural gum flesh color. We know that many people do not have, or want, “bubblegum pink” gums, and we proudly offer exceptional custom matching of your natural, unique pigmentation.

Denture teeth are made of composite acrylic, porcelain or a combination of both. Coastal Denture Clinic only uses high quality denture teeth with an extensive array of shades, sizes, and shapes to recreate your smiles natural esthetic.

Before creating a final denture product, we offer a ‘Wax Try-In’. This allows you to see and feel what the denture will actually look like prior to the final creation. Since the teeth are set in wax at this stage, it allows you to have the final approval and for us to make any changes to the esthetics.


The fit and stability of your denture are the two most important factors in determining performance and comfort. At Coastal Denture Clinic we are committed to providing high quality, long lasting, dentures with exceptional fit and dental function. We offer continued support to keep your denture fitting comfortably and snugly with fit and bite adjustments and warranty repairs at no additional charge.

However, it is important to know that even the best new dentures may feel awkward or uncomfortable for the first few weeks or even months while your mouth adjusts to the change. Eating and speaking with dentures will take a little practice while the muscles of your cheeks and tongue get used to your new dentures.

Over time, it is normal and inevitable that a denture will need to be replaced or relined. This is necessary to keep jaw alignment healthy and comfortable, as conventional dentures will cause your bone and gum ridges to recede or shrink. Regular dental examinations are important for all denture wearers so the health of the oral tissues can be checked as well as the fit and function of the denture.

There are many considerations to weigh when selecting a denture design. During your free initial consultation, our denturist will use his 20 years of experience and expertise to help you find the best choice for your unique situation. Our commitment to each patient is to provide the best possible dental function (chewing abilities) and natural esthetics for every denture option we offer.

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